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Thrifty Jane ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    to be sparingly frugal

 the generic girl or woman


: Unearth your Wardrobe :


 It means to dig up the so-called trash of your closet, and make it another  person’s treasure.  There are countless individuals in our local relational  networks and communities that are less fortunate that many of us.  Does  not the Word say to do good to the poor?  Thrifty Jane’s purpose is to connect you to those individuals through face-to-face interactions  It also means to weed out your  wardrobe into a simple,  useful collection.  It means to industriously  trade the clothes you don’t  want anymore with others.  It means to re-  use what you have for the  good of others.  In effect, it means to till the  soil of your drawers and  piles and stacks, and watch as delightful  things are turned over onto the  grassy surface.


Not your typical consignment shop.

Thrifty Jane is a local resource that thrives off the recycling, trading,  and giving of clothing.  Thrifty Jane is an avenue for women to  regularly practice the joy of giving, the freedom of sharing, and the tool of recycling.  This resource is not only meant to provide you with a cost-effective method of “shopping,” but to help you discover that style, color, and personal expression can be achieved apart from monetary spending.

Your resource in a challenging economy.

shoes on grass  I am excited to establish Thrifty Jane to be a unique resource for women in the midst of our nation’s present financial crisis.  In re-assessing my own spending habits the past few months, I realized that the belt of my own budget needed to be tightened.  If I am going to be wise with my money (especially in the “personal spending” category), then thriftiness is key.  After years of hosting “Switcheroo” parties with girlfriends, where everyone brings clothes/shoes/jewelry to exchange with each other, it occurred to me that it wasn’t just my twenty-something peers who were looking to refresh their wardrobes.  Teen girls, young professionals, new mothers, mature matrons are all desirous to update their wardrobes without putting a big dent in their back accounts.  Additionally, we all have clothes that sit in our closets for months and years on end that never get used because we have grown sick of them (even if they are in perfectly good condition).  So, no matter what season of life you are in, clothing is always a revolving door of fluctuating sizes, styles, trends, and preferences.  Thrifty Jane will allow you to walk through that revolving door each day.

As this is an evolving, business idea more than a reality at this point, i welcome you to Make a Comment, and stay tuned to more updates on this page.

thank you for visiting Thrifty Jane 

emily jacob 


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