These resources were designed to help you navigate your own dreams and identify what is holding you back from achieving them. They are are available for FREE for a limited time.

A Wilder Eden:
Sample Chapters

The first five chapters of A Wilder Eden surrounding the death or loss of dreams. Includes themes such as the wilderness, the storms of life, dreams, and heartache.


Showcase 1

A Wilder Eden:
Dreams Map

A simple one-pager that allows you to visualize your past, present and future dreams. This map is great for printing and visualizing the holistic story of your life and dreams.

Suggested Donation: $5

Showcase 2

A Wilder Eden:
Dreams Journal

Adding to the Dreams Map, this in-depth tool features four self-reflection questions per section: the death of dreams in the past, your current dreams today, and how to flourish in the future. The journal includes space to answer the prompts.

Suggested Donation: $10

Showcase 3

A Wilder Eden:
Dreams Guidebook

An integrated tool for reflection, meditation, and journaling. Leveraging prompt questions, scriptures and categories you will be able to assess past, present and future dreams. This guidebook focuses on framing of your dreams from a Christian perspective.

Suggested Donation: $15