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I am Emily Jacoba Jansen. But, my pen name is Emily Jacob.


I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, who is the divine Son of God who lived a sinless life on earth, died a perfect death for the sinful human race on the Cross, was buried in a tomb but resurrected to life three days later, and ascended to the right hand of the throne of God. Though I was born rebellious by nature, wanting nothing to do with God, and deserving of nothing but eternal condemnation in hell, God had mercy on me and saved me. He did this because of His great love, providing the free gift of salvation to me purely by grace. This is not something I earned or deserved by any good works I have done, but entirely a result of Jesus Christ’s atoning work of redemption on the Cross. Today, I stand forgiven, redeemed, loved, and welcomed into the loving arms of my Everlasting Father and into the eternal family of God.


My house is in Maryland.  My office is in D.C.  My heart and home are in Kenya.  Heaven is my final destination.


I have been blogging since Spring of 2006.


While some say blogging is passe, I continue to write.

I write for my family. my friends. my relatives. my co-workers. myself. and more, recently, for those I don’t even know.

You ask, who are those “I don’t even know”?

The branches of my life, experiences, and calling extended beyond the borders of America this past year when I moved to Kenya to volunteer for 12 months.

And, you may only be able to imagine all the incredible people I met, the amazing memories I made, the horrific conditions of others I encountered, and the heart-breaking stories I heard and took to heart.

In coming home, I carry a new passion to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Primarily, the women and children of East African who are victims of AIDS and abuse, sick and disease-stricken, penniless and lacking education, and hopeless…

So, while this blog is primarily a personal one, it is also serves as a representative voice for others.

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