A Wilder Eden helps you reimagine your story when the pages of your life don’t mirror your dreams. It reminds us that God, the author of our stories and champion of our dreams, calls us to co-create with Him and keep dreaming despite our doubt and beckons us into his greater Kingdom dreams.

There are all wildernesses in our lives and long droughts of waiting; in this process, we feel our dreams have died, or that we don’t even know what our dreams are anymore. We wonder how to keep dreaming in a world of disappointments. Yet, there are certain things that can only bloom in the desert, chiefly the fruit of our hearts. God knows us intimately and we have to go into the desert to find Him, and rediscover ourselves. In this unconventional place, we discover that when viewed from the lens of faith, the wilderness is, in fact, a wilder Garden of Eden than the actual Eden in which we think we would be better off. Even in drought, we can bear fruit; only certain things can bloom in the desert.

God did not make us to wander, but rather wonder, in the wilderness. He is our faithful Father, and will not only lead us out, but also will lead us through. He doesn’t miss a single thing: a prayer, whisper or cry of our hearts. Be still, know that He is God, and dare to dream that the wilderness might just be the very place where you discover how loved and free you are — this book will precisely show you how to do that.

You will laugh, cry and identify with Emily’s vulnerable look at both the disappointments of our dreams and the hope to which they call us as we become more intimate with a loving heavenly Father who has a unique dream for each one of us. Her writing is timely and fresh and her poetry might just give voice to a hidden song in your heart.

Susan Alexander Yates
Speaker & Author, Risky Faith Becoming Brave Enough to Believe a God Who Is Bigger Than Your World

If you want to get deep fast on how to keep dreaming in a world of disappointment, then this book is for you.

Kristin Funston
Speaker & Author, More for Mom: Living Your Whole & Holy Life

What readers will gain from A Wilder Eden is a series of transformational touch points that apprehend the heart, calling us to the beautiful posture of surrender; in a way that faithfully reminds us of the sacred moment Christ apprehended us. You’ll find greater resolve and assurance within the pages of each chapter, no matter where you are waiting in life.

Kanita Benson
Founder and President, She Saves A Nation

In A Wilder Eden, Emily beautifully captures the complexities of the human soul. As we move through life, we all find ourselves in seasons of wilderness and waiting. If we’re not careful, we can allow the ache of disappointment to become the catalyst for our dreams to die. Emily takes us on a journey to intimately encounter God while allowing Him to lead us THROUGH our wilderness.

Shanon Stowe
Partner, ICON Media Group & Founder, Community Table

We are all on a journey to where being loved by God is our home. In these pages Emily shares her journey through the wilderness, of how Christ met her there and offered her life.

Tom White
Director, LovedintoLife Ministries