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Yesterday, i made my first attempt at homemade plain yogurt and was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually worked AND it tasted really yummy.

basically, homemade yogurt involves three ingredients. 2% milk, powdered milk, and regular plain yogurt. In order to make it, I took 8 cups of the milk, 2/3 cup of powdered milk, and about 2 cups of regular plain yogurt and whisked them all together in a pot. On low heat, I stirred the mixture until it reached almost boiling point, at about 170-180 degrees. I then removed it from the heat, let it settle and cool down a bit, and then poured it into my sealed Pressure Cooker, because I didn’t have any canning jars.

Then, over a 6 hour period, you slowly let the yogurt sit. Don’t move it. It needs to settle and “gel,” if you will. During this 6 hour period, I set the Pressure Cooker in a larger pot filled with a little bit of lukewarm water over the stove-top. Occasionally, I set the stove top on low heat. This little bit of warmth allows the yogurt to cultivate in an slightly heated environment. The pressure cooker worked nicely because it was a sealant of some sort.

After the 6 hours, I placed the yogurt in my Fridge overnight. When I woke up and looked at it, it has gelled to a nice, thick plain yogurt.

This morning, I ate it with Muesli and some grapefruit marmalade mixed in. Yumm…

Oh my word!! I would just like to finish this post by saying that I literally almost had a heart-attack…my bedroom window was open as I sat here writing this, and three huge MONKEY’S almost jumped through my window into my bedroom! 🙂 Wow. I guess I need to expect the unexpected from now on…

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  1. Nick says:

    that is awesome!! not only the yogurt sound great (mental note to try and make some) but that must have been amazing to see those monkeys!

    be careful they don’t steal anything from your room 🙂

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