Asante Sana

Thank you very much = Asante sana.

Philippians 3: 3 I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, 4 always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, 5 because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. 6 And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. 7 It is right for me to feel this way about you all, because I hold you in my heart, for you are all partakers with me of grace.

Dear Family and Friends,
Well, it’s July 1!  I am just 6 weeks away from moving to Kenya.  Unbelievable how time flies.  You know the saying, “So much to do, so little time”?  Well, I like to say, “So much to do, all in God’s time!”  I know-it’s a bit cheesy, but hey!  it’s entirely true.  God will provide sufficient grace and time to accomplish every detail that needs to be in place prior to leaving.

There are a few things in particular that I wanted to share with you in this e-mail that I pray will highlight the power of God’s provision, and also provide a reflection of His heart of love that has been made known through your lives, and others.
First, thank you to the following families and individuals and children who have financially contributed in the past 7 weeks*
Your contributions are so amazing to me because they are a direct deposit into the eternal bank of God.  Thank you for making this investment!  As I have opened envelope after envelope, tears have often filled my eyes as I consider the sacrifices you are making to help ME.  What a mercy.  What a privilege. 

Secondly, I want to joyfully report that to date (through contributions and my yard sale fundraiser), $11,569.01 dollars has been raised!  Over the next 6 weeks, that only leaves about $7,500 to go!  I know that some of you have lately communicated a desire to give–thank you!  If possible, please mail all checks to my house address (103 Pembrooke View Lane, Gaithersburg, MD 20877) within the next 15 days or so, so that I have ample time to record and mail the last round of donations up to the AIM headquarters, where they will process the funds and put them into my international bank account.  If you prefer to give an online donation, go to my blog under the “To Offer Support” page.  If you see me in church, donations are always welcome in person too 🙂  One thing to note for those desiring to offer Monthly Support: Please be sure to indicate the exact number of months that you wish to give from August 2009 through July 2010 (out of 11 months total).  

Thirdly, I am heading up to the AIM Headquarters (Pearl River, NJ) for my Orientation this Sunday, July 5 for three days of meeting my AIM facilitators, other AIM missionaries, other Rift Valley Academy (RVA) staff, and being led through times of prayer, administrative preparation, and analysis/training of how to be a dorm parent.  Please pray that God will meet me there, through His Word, through others, and through prayer.  Please also pray for safe travels and that God will continue to increase my faith as a result of this time spent with new friends and fellow missionaries.  I have heard that I will be hit with LOTS of paperwork that can be very overwhelming, so I would also appreciate prayer for strength and wisdom to fill this paper-work out.
Lastly, the month of July is a big month for me, in terms of pursuing the rest of the funds I need!  Here is one, local fundraiser event I hope you can attend:

Red Hot Blue
RED HOT BLUE (BBQ) Restaurant, Gaithersburg, MD (right off of Shady Grove Road)
Monday July 20, Open House, 5pm to 9pm
How it works: You come, get a table, and eat good BBQ with friends.  All proceeds of the food/drinks you buy will be collected into one big pool.  Red Hot Blue has agreed to contribute 20% of the total amount spent by 9pm towards my fundraising.  At the end of the night, there will also be a RAFFLE, in which 2 individuals will have a chance to win $25.00 gift cards to the Red Hot Blue restaurant!  If you’ve never eaten here, you won’t want to miss it–the food is guuuuudddd.  RSVP to by July 10 if you plan to come.  PASS THE WORD ON, TOO!  ALL ARE WELCOME!   

 Grateful for your partnership in the Gospel!
301-525-4000 (m)

Jeff and Pam Anderson, Covenant Mercies Ministry, PA
Pete Grange, Friend, Covenant Life Church (“CLC”), MD
Nate Garvey, Friend, Sovereign Grace, Portland, OR
Brad and Patti Edson, National Christian Foundation, AZ
Ted and Sharon Pierce, Van Leeuwen/Jansen relatives, CA
Joel Gravely, Friend, CLC, MD
Mark and Abby Jansen, Family, CO
Joel Berry, Fellow Singles Ministry Member, CLC, MD
Erin Whitehouse, Friend, MD*
Dr. Lee Annis, Author and my Montgomery College Professor, MD
Will Hart, Fellow Singles Ministry Member, CLC, MD
Peggy Barry, JFW Co-Worker and Friend, MD
Rick and Loretta Apolenis, CLC Friends, MD
Dr. Henry Lee, life-long family Dentist, MD
Ben and Janice Young, Neighbors and CLC Members, MD
“Uncle” Mark and “Aunt” Rondi Lauterbach, Sovereign Grace and Family Friends, CA
“Tante” (Aunt in Dutch) Anne Otten-my Oma’s sister–CA
Bruce and Barb Jansen, Uncle and Aunt, CO
The Bussell family, Sovereign Grace, Charlotte, NC
Tom and Diane Kummer, JFW Co-Worker and CLC Members, MD*
Kyong (Katie) Lee, surrogate relative, MD
Patricia Barrett, Fellow African-missionary and recent friend, Baltimore, MD*
Sharon Pyle, Fellow CLC Member and Family Friend, MD
“Tante” Nellie Hiemstra–my Oma’s sister–WA*
Josh and Shannon Harris, CLC Pastor and dear family friends–MD
Miss Emma Harris, CLC member and family friend–MD
Steve and Janis Shank, “surrogate” family, AZ
Bob and Rita Hoover, CLC Life-long family friends, MD
Joe and Julie Giove, CLC Members and JFW Co-Worker, MD
“Uncle” Eugene Koning, fellow missionary to Africa and RVA, and brother-in-law to my Oma, NC
Pat and Heather Cook, Fellow CLC Members and Friends, MD
Blake Rebling, Jansen-family-home boarder and Sovereign Grace friend, MD/AZ
Chip and Kathy Grange, Fellow CLC Members and Lifelong family friends, MD
Ed and Nora Earles, Fellow CLC Members and Lifelong family friends, MD
The Rashford family, Fellow CLC Members and family friends, MD
Roger and Janice Dillon, Lifelong family friends, MD
Nick Tedesco, Friend and fellow Singles Ministry Member, CLC, MD
Michelle LeBlanc, old Saybrooke neighbor, Canada
Nelson B Somerville, CLC, MD
Luke Glasgow, UMD Business Professor and Fellow Christian, MD
John and Tracy Branchaw, Fellow CLC Members and family friends, MD
Ray and Krista Falcione, Fellow CLC Members and family friends, MD
Jenn Hellman, fellow Sovereign Grace member and friend, NC
Claude and Jannese Allen, Fellow CLC Members and family friends, MD
Hal and Dawn Hiemstra, Van Leeuwen/Jansen relatives, Wash., D.C.
Courtney Minard, Friend and fellow Singles Ministry Member, CLC, MD
Bo and Nancy Lotinsky, Fellow CLC Members and Lifelong family friends, MD
Jonathan & Lilli Leslie, 2009 CLC Pastors College Attendees and former RVA dorm parents, Minnesota
John and Maria Halowell, my first “babysitting family,” Fellow CLC Members and family friends, MD
Solomon and Eva Campbell, fellow JFW co-worker and CLC Members/Friends, MD
Lydia Hartnett, Friend and fellow Singles Ministry Member, CLC, MD
Rhonda Crosby, Fellow CLC Member and family friend, MD
Lauren Crosby, Friend and fellow Singles Ministry Member, CLC, MD
Paul and Susie Hollandsworth, Fellow CLC Members and family friends, MD
The Malcolm family, CLC Pastor and Family Friends, MD
Gary and Barbara Rosen, Saybrooke Community Neighbor, MD
Eric and Lisa Simmons, CLC Pastor and Family Friend, MD
James and Julie Muir, Saybrooke Neighbor and CLC Member/Friends, MD
Ed and Gigi Aguirre, CLC Members and family friends, MD
The Baille family, Sovereign Grace Church, Cherry Hill, NJ
Jeremy and Rachel Ellis, Family Friends, VA
Carolyn McCulley, Friend and fellow Singles Ministry Member, CLC, MD
Herb and Barbara Minetree, fellow JFW co-worker and CLC Members/Friends, MD
Meg Schumacher, old Saybrooke childhood neighbor and lifelong friend, MD
Melissa Barker, Friend and fellow Singles Ministry Member, CLC, MD
John and Janet Boyles, lifelong CLC Members and Family Friends, MD
Ben Siegrist, lifelong family friend, PA
Michael and Sharon Thompson, Saybrooke neighbor and fellow CLC Members, MD*
Jim Wilson, on behalf of JFW, Inc., Employer, MD
Marian G. Dahl, beloved Grandma and lifelong friend, MD
[ *Monthly Supporter ]

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