Kedong Upper East

I received the official word this morning from the Dorm Facilitator at RVA that I have been assigned to the 9th grade girls’ dorm room in “Kedong Upper East” (KUE).  Perhaps my apartment won’t be quite as beautiful or luxurious as the apartments are on the Upper East Side of NYC, but it will still be quaint and cute 🙂 

Still, it is quite an adventure trying to furnish a home you have never seen, from half-way across the globe…I have been sharing a multitude of e-mails with some of the girls who are currently at RVA and are selling their household furnishings, since their 2-year commitment is over.  We have been bargaining back and forth for the past few days, and as of this morning, I now have a toaster oven, printer, microwave, electric tea kettle, TV/DVD/VCR set, curtains, and various baking items awaiting me in KUE.  Of course, this was all purchased doing the conversion rates between the Kenyan shilling and the U.S. dollar 🙂  What fun!

Fundraising continues to move forward…this Saturday is our big community-wide yard sale, and friends/family have been dropping off items to sell on my behalf for raising support.  My dear mother, and best friend, Lauren Lotinsky, and co-worker Sheilagh Leo, and other friend/fellow piano teacher, Lynn Jones, are also putting together a Soiree Benefit Concert Dinner in July.  This will be a combination of Kenyan food, wine, and performances by various musicians in our church (including my brother, Brett).  I am grateful for their willingness to jump in and serve me in this way!  It directly points me to the love of Christ, and reminds me of how beautiful it is when the body of Christ comes together to serve and support one another.

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