Eat to Live, or Live to Eat?

…That is the question. This week has been marked by really good food, and I’m becoming more and more convinced that I could easily eat my way through Europe or the U.S. some day, in search of the best restaraunts and markets. Nora and I had an entire Sister Day on Friday on which our entire agenda was centered around where we were going to eat. After a close to 2 hour hike in the San Tan mountains, we had acquired a large appetite and were ready to go. First stop–“My Florist Cafe” in downtown Phoenix. We shared Blackberry Sage tea, a fresh asparagus, artichoke, tomato, feta, argula, and romaine salad, and a small plate of assorted breads with sage butter to go with it. Yumm…next stop was a little bit further downtown to a place called Pane Bianco, an urban, chic restaraunt/bar where we shared a fresh toasted pita, fresh spinach tuna sandwich. The tuna had come from a local Washington guy who sells 10 unique twists to canned gourmet tuna…so good. The last stop was the Lux Coffee Bar, where we each got a small double-shot espresso with foamed cream and cinnamon on top and 1 small homemade caramel nougat that was incredibly chewy and sweet. We thought that we could have died and gone to heaven…isn’t food amazing?

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