The shadows of my fear,
Creep under the door –
I’ve felt them for so long,
Like cracks across the floor.

Phantoms of the night,
Companions of the day,
Sometimes I push back,
Sometimes I give way.

It dances round my soul,
I cannot catch my breath –
Teasing me too long,
It pulls me down, like death.

Then time stands still, my world –
My life and soul on hold,
I’m broken by these dreams,
That wrinkle and grow old.

The Sun, it rises,
But clouds still loom inside –
These Rays of faith are hidden,
By storms of love, that died.

But back behind the light,
This rock is cleft for me!
Strange treasures of the darkness,
I hide myself in Thee.

Unveiled, He see me clearly –
fully known and loved;
Unseen to all the world,
My tears, to Him, still shown.

Surely He has felt,
The fears, my heart, have beat –
My grief upon His shoulders,
I weep down at His feet.

There’s nothing left to lose,
For He lost all for me –
Resting in His love,
From my doubts, I’m freed.

Should my heart and flesh,
Fail to beat again,
In heaven they’ll be healed,
Redeemed, at journey’s end.

I dare not trust Earth’s frame,
Its portion never lasts;
But Christ, my solid anchor,
For future, present, past.

I’m finding now, in loss,
How sweet your hand in mine,
The breaks within my heart,
He’ll heal again in time.

Though the waves they crash,
And with them, former hopes –
I cry out and you throw,
More of faiths long rope.

Your thoughts just like the sand,
Much more than of my own –
Oh, the depth and riches,
This God, by whom I’m known.

Greater glories still,
Ahead, than I can see –
And what is left behind,
Will one day be redeemed.

Empty, Lord, I come,
Make me whole, today –
With eyes fixed firm on you,
Courage will make a way.

Your love is all I need,
To make my life complete –
The gospel is my story,
Faith, my greatest feat.

So fearing nothing now,
Nothing do I lack —
For we are not of those,
Who ever will shrink back.

We are those who live,
Believing in the God,
Who conquered Fear our foe,
Through Christ, His very Son.

If you are afraid,
Of what is yet to come –
Trust, my friend, forever,
In the life, for you, He’s won.

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