Not in Vain

My title is not single,
My status is Redeemed.
Once bound to expectation,
I walk forward, Free.

Free to journey forward,
With open hands, I go.
Wherever He will call me,
The road, He’s already known.

Life so vastly different,
Than anything I’ve dreamed.
At times, so deeply lonely,
Too much to bear, it seemed.

I’ve loved and lived and lost,
Strove to be enough,
And over time I’ve found,
Perfection’s race is rough.

More than I can give,
Impossible to be,
And the less that I control,
The more Beauty that I see…

…in people and in life,
In giving, I cannot fake —
The blessing of forgetting,
Myself, however high the stakes.

Time has aged me, true,
And still, my Heart, it waits –
For the Best to come,
I know it won’t be late.

For the pieces I have lost,
Of self, in love, its wars –
They never were for nought,
They’ve always opened doors.

Love is never wasted,
My soul, my heart, its taught –
It marks us, yes, forever –
A gift, that can’t be bought.

So come now friends, believe –
That good still lies ahead,
Within His kingdom come,
To greater things we’re Wed.

I write for you my brothers –
I voice my cry, my friends –
His Call is the beginning,
Marriage, not the end.

The end of life’s long battle,
To feel complete and whole –
In Christ, we find our answers,
Security of soul.

Faith we daily seek,
His goodness, we must claim,
The Gospel is our proof –
That Love is not in vain.

Nothing here replaces,
His presence on our roads,
All we want and need,
He’s proven through unknowns.

And all I once held dear,
Must count as earthly loss,
For the sake of knowing,
My Savior at the Cross.

They say that all in time,
Proves beautiful and true –
Yes, my Savior, Jesus,
Is making all things new.

This pen I put to paper,
How can I not speak?
We each are reaching out,
For strength, when hopes are weak.

I can’t say all my dreams,
Will drop into my hands –
Yet with His promised presence,
Forever firm, I’ll stand.

If the surpassing worth,
Is knowing Him in glory,
We must count all as loss,
To advance God’s greater story.

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