I saw him walking,
Down the road,
light shone ’round him,
Like an Angel’s glow.

The dawn had broken,
Night was gone –
And Jacob, my Brother,
Was limping along.

This man, had taken,
A blessing, you see,
Blind to my Father,
And stolen from me.

Jacob I loved,
His deed, Oh, I hated,
An inheritance lost,
For which I had waited.

How shrewd and persistent,
His brazen ambition;
Now again, I sensed,
A claim, He had won…

Indeed, he had wrestled,
Through night’s lonely hours,
A messenger from heaven,
gripped with God’s power.

Withdrawn, from all others,
Away in that place,
Jacob, strove,
With God, face to face.

The One who had said,
I will surely do you good —
Now tested His heart,
To believe that He would.

How audacious to claim,
From One’s very foe;
“Until you bless me,
I will not let you go!”

Yet in the struggle,
Brave through the fight,
Jacob prevailed,
Through the dark, into Light.

I don’t think he knew,
The pain that would come,
I don’t think he knew,
Great Faith, would be won.

Like Broken hips,
Limping, our souls,
In the battles,
We fight, the pain, and the pull.

The pull of Fear,
Upon our lives,
Will blessing come?
For hope, we strive.

Grip, grows weak,
The pain seems too great –
Yet, Clinging like Jacob,
For the blessing, we wait.

Morning will come,
The battle will break –
Don’t let go,
Great strength, it will take.

Hold onto hope,
Promises true –
Grace means,
He’s holding you, too.

More broken, you’ll leave,
But not having failed –
Victorious like Jacob,
Blessings will prevail.

Wrestle, then, my friend –
Shrink back, not, to fear –
The morning will come,
Your place, will be clear.

Good things come,
To those who wait –
Onward, He’ll move you,
It won’t be too late.

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