Let Down Your Anchor

Let down your anchor,
Wayfaring soul,
Rest your Trust, and be Still;
For with the Winds,
We give way,
To currents of our own will.

On great waters,
Or close to shore,
Our souls grow weathered like a sail;
We lose our mark,
Tossed by storms,
The compass’s needle tends to flail.

The waves of the world,
Then pull us out,
Lift us high, above the deep;
With a crash,
We ride down,
From heights we cannot keep.

For, when did the Tide,
Ever guide,
The dreams that take us to Sea;
We tac from the stern,
We wait from the bow,
The wind, to move, we plea.

But, then the Captain,
Commands His crew,
To toss our maps aside;
Our own way,
Thrown overboard,
And we are along for the ride.

Strange channel unknown,
How narrow it seems,
With such a wide ocean ahead;
Yet I know,
That with our Guide,
To safe havens, He’ll lead.

Let down your Anchor,
Whenever he says,
He knows when the wind is at bay;
If it seems slow,
Wait for it,
It will come, not a moment delayed.

Based on Habakkuk 2:1-3, 2 Kings 18, Psalm 107, and Acts 28

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