A Summer Swept By…

 Kisses Goodbye, to a Summer Swept By…


For whatever reason, this past summer was one of the fastest of my life.  Remember the days when Street Lamps turning on at dusk were the only thing we watched as a measure of keeping time and tempo on our daily lives?  We would play with friends in the streets until we couldn’t see each other anymore, and that’s how we knew it was time to go home.

Now, summer feels like the few-and-far between cool breezes that hit the humid streets of DC and give you that momentary relief, and then dances away.  Where it goes?  I know not.  Perhaps it’s the timeless pulse of city life.  Perhaps it’s the ebb and flow of bearing greater responsibilities, and not having enough time to accomplish everything we believe in and want to do.  Perhaps it’s as simple as learning the lesson of rest, which is ironically a discipline in itself. Regardless, September has flown by too, and here we are on the brink of the fall season in all its glory.  So, I thought I would finally wrap up summer.

Between May and August, my activities and travels serendipitously bore the theme of ‘South-Western’.  I kicked off May with a Cinco de Mayo freak accident in the kitchen, resulting in 12 stitches on my right wrist due to a Cuisinart Food processor blade cut | in June, I headed out to Austin, TX in June to visit my brother, Peter, for a long weekend of great food, music, and outdoor activities | in July, I flew out to Santa Fe, New Mexico on a business trip with members of Meridian’s Council on Women’s Leadership to attend the 10th International Folk Art Market, where hundreds of women entrepreneurs showcase their goods and learn practical business skills during the weekend |  in early August, I hosted a special event for my corporate members with the Ambassador of Peru  | and, for the finale, flew down to Costa Rica in August with my best friend, Britt, for a week of surf and turf and hiking and rest, before ringing in the last days of summer at the Outer Banks with my family for a week at our favorite rental house, Gift by the Sea, in Corolla, NC.

Away from my tiny apartment, and in wider, open spaces, it was refreshing to get away and unplug from the intensity – and urgency – of DC.  It is easy to feel like connectivity equals productivity.  But, full calendars, while they increase quantity of tasks and activities, don’t always produce better quality in our lives…relationships do.  I know I’m not saying anything that profound or new — but, it’s always amazing to me how easy it is to forget how it is our faith, family and friendships that enrich our lives the most, and reap the best rewards.


Peter and I at Mumford & Sons

Image 4


Good times with old and new friends


Swimming at Barton SpringsDSC_0338


Downtown Austin…growing at rapid speed.


Downtown view of Lake Austin1148888_10151834782146411_1526377272_n

THE original Whole Foods
936530_10151834782351411_1999194545_n 487967_10151834782386411_1683550637_n Day on the water…1016166_10151834782616411_100267255_n


523480_10151834783566411_1948382777_n 1150806_10151834784071411_489660534_n 972329_10151834784236411_221108340_n


1011501_10151834784616411_1626171297_n 945945_10151834784661411_1544399266_n



Our mountain home at Tres Rios in Coronado, about 3 hours outside San Jose to the South-East side.  Being here was like being back in Kijabe, Kenya.  From the ocean to the mountains to the rainforest to the afternoon thunderstorms, it uncannily felt like being back home at RVA…




IMG_1098 IMG_1128 IMG_1141

Zipline Canopy Tour through the RainforestIMG_1152

About to watch a lightening storm roll in…IMG_1177 IMG_1205 IMG_1203 Surfing Lessons at CoronadoIMG_1265 IMG_1262 IMG_1308 IMG_1303 IMG_1301 IMG_1300

It doesn’t get much better than fresh Fish Taco’s




Have I really been coming here 25+ summers in a row?

IMG_1397 IMG_1398 IMG_1400 IMG_1410

Two of my many great, vacation reads – Transatlantic and Every Good Endeavor



30 mile ride with Dad in preparation for my third Triathlon!

IMG_1419Teaching little kids to not be afraid of the ocean is such an amazing feat
IMG_1455 IMG_1448 IMG_1454

The epic, Outer Banks-record Fishing Trip – 42 Tuna and 12 Dolphin in one day


Kate the Great


The Gals

IMG_1562 IMG_1560

Every Jansen family vacation includes daily exercise – even human body pyramids.



My amazing family




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