Fully Known

I don’t know why I’m single,
like I don’t know why I’m saved;
Grace lives in the desert,
And Grace pours down like rain.

It’s not that I’m not Found,
It’s that I’m fully Known;
And mysteries in the dark?
As safe as miracles shown.

Still, Wrest’ling to believe,
The promises unseen;
I question “I Am’s” Mind,
And the Best that He will deem.

Shan’t we trust the One?
Whose Cross trumps every doubt?
Of Love eternally etched,
In every year I count.

And what if we believed,
as simply as a Child;
That Hopes unseen exist,
Truer than this World’s Wiles.


Sweeter still, the days,
I believe do lie ahead —
When silver dreams are tossed,
For golden joys instead.

I dont know who You are,
But I know the great I AM,
Who’s shaping us for glory,
A woman and a man.

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