old year, new year

Old year, going, take with you,

All our failures, sorrows, too;

Memories of bitter years,

old regrets and futile tears –

Fret and envy, greed and spite.

Take them with you, pray tonight.

Pride too lofty, dreams too crude,

Hate, with all its venomed brood,

Discontent, our subtle foe –

Old year, take them, as you go.

New Year, bright as dawning youth,

Bring us Fatih, and love of truth;

Kindly thoughts of one and all,

Charity for those who fall,

Strength to help and zest to cheer,

Hope to banish doubt and fear.

Bring us quietness, content,

When our brimming months are spent.

Old year, here is our farewell,

New Year, hail!  We wish you well.”

Thomas C. Clark

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