Meatless Mondays have been fun to do this fall.

Last week was Falafels.

Being Dutch, Falafels are a traditional dish that people from the Netherlands will eat, based on the “Dutch Indies” influence from Indonesian cuisine…so, I grew up familiar with the taste.

But, technically, Falafels are a Middle Eastern tradition.  And, during my travels through Egypt in the summer of 2010, I fell in love all over with Falafels, where these flavorful balls made of Chickpeas or Fava Beans are regularly eaten in simple sandwich form, but infused with incredible herbs and spices.

The best part of this recipe – it was made in 35 minutes, thanks to “Fantastic World Foods” Mix with Recipes on the back!  You can pick this up at Safeway, Giant, or Whole Foods.  I went with two boxes, which made about 2 dozen balls.

First, soak the chickpea mix with water in a bowl to moisten, per box instructions.

This mix is available at Giant, Safeway and Whole Foods.  I went with two boxes for approx. 2 dozen Falafel balls.

Then, the fun part – Frying!

I prefer to use Olive Oil, but you have to cook it at a lower temperature in this case.

If you go with Canola Oil, then stick to medium-high heat.

I also recommend using a Splatter Screen, which will save your clothes and your skin.

Give the Falafel balls about 3 minutes a side.

Then, remove from oil and let cool on a paper towel.

Next up, are the Toppings: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Boston Lettuce.

Easy enough, right?  While chopping these, stick your Pita Bread in the oven in foil.

Finally, and my personal favorite, is the Dill Yogurt Dressing.

Just mix 1 carton of Greek plain yogurt with half a jar of capers, fresh chopped Dill, fresh lemon juice to taste, and salt and pepper.  Easy to make ahead of time, too!

Voila!  Easy, fresh and flavorful Falafel sandwiches for dinner.

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