His Footprints Are Unseen

Psalm 77:19

“Your way was through the sea,
your path through the great waters;
yet your footprints were unseen.”

[ On the Coast of Morocco ]

All the dreams kept close to heart,
All the hopes therein,
I lay them at your feet, oh Lord,
I lay them down again.

For greater things You’ve planned for me,
To be and to embrace,
Things too wonderful to know,
That only You can trace.

But when I cannot see the path,
When each step I take seems dark,
I’ll lift my gaze up to my Guide,
And trust His faithful heart.

For who has ever seen or heard,
The secret tears we Cry,
Except the one who was forsaken,
Who, for us, hung and died?

Yes the Savior intercedes,
For helpless children, we,
Before the Father he brings our case,
And pleads most powerfully.

And while the ebbing ache still lies,
For joys long unfulfilled,
This love, in Christ, so true and sure,
I’ll spend my time to build.

And while He works under deep waters,
Upon my Lord, I’ll lean,
Trusting Him in simple faith,
Though His footprints are unseen.

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