CCC #8

Ok, so I haven’t been able to keep up with blogging about EVERY single “CCC” (read posts below for more info.), BUT here was a highlight from this week. On Tuesday, Dec 8, I had Emily and her two daughters Mary and Rose over for lunch and ice cream sundaes and christmas presents. I served them Chili, Cornbread with honey, and Cabbage Salad. We had a wonderful time relaxing together, eating, conversing about their life, and trying to translate to the little one, Rose (she doesn’t know English very well yet).

Then, I surprised each of them with a Christmas stocking, candies, secondhand clothing, books, puzzles, etc., and even gave Emily a few new things for her kitchen! It was such a blessing to me to bless THEM. They are such grateful people, and couldn’t stop saying thank you. They were smiling and laughing, and I could tell that they were experiencing the pleasure of God’s provision and grace.

Emily and I also got to just sit and talk while the girls watched my Safari slide-show of animals. While Emily and I often talk while she is working for me, we don’t usually have a chance to sit down and just relate as woman to woman in fellowship. But, I wasn’t at all surprised to find just how much I enjoyed conversing with her as a person, not an employee. She is a God-fearing, joyful, faith-filled, witty woman who loves to laugh and point everything in conversation back to the Lord’s goodness. She is honest, humble, and generous with others, despite not having very much herself. And, she is just SO excited about her new kitchen. I have now given her the cash for the bricks, mortar, sand and cement, and we are hoping to start construction this upcoming week.

Sorry, no pictures of the safari yet. Our internet is down (except up here in the Guidance Office where I’m writing from), and our IT guy is on vacation until the 12th. So, I can’t upload pictures until he fixes it, hopefully by the weekend.

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