Going Green

And us Americans think that we are good at recycling?

Yesterday, I visited St. Edwin’s Orphanage in Kijabe with some other RVA ladies to deliver secondhand clothing and shoes. After Chai with Ruth, who runs the orphanage of 25 children, she showed us what the children are making: paper bead necklaces made out of the outside wrapping package covers of office paper.

They work day by day on these necklaces, in hopes to sell them locally or to “Mizungu’s” (White people) and use the income for food, clothing, books, and water.

After many little hands work diligently throughout the day, this is what is produced:

Beautiful, unique office paper bead necklaces!

Now, THAT’s going green!

This was on December 4, so my visit to St. Edwin’s was my CCC #4. CCC #2 was encouraging a friend spontaneously, and CCC #3 was hosting the Stocksdale family for a Moroccan Feast dinner!

Off to my 3 day safari…pictures to come!

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