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Rising Strong

Rising strong,  He holds me still – Like the sand, The Ocean fills. I’ve swum to shore, I’ve drifted to sea – And all the while, He has asked me to Be. Still in His Love, Still in His Strength … Continue reading

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The shadows of my fear, Creep under the door – I’ve felt them for so long, Like cracks across the floor. Phantoms of the night, Companions of the day, Sometimes I push back, Sometimes I give way. It dances round … Continue reading

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Not in Vain

My title is not single, My status is Redeemed. Once bound to expectation, I walk forward, Free. Free to journey forward, With open hands, I go. Wherever He will call me, The road, He’s already known. Life so vastly different, … Continue reading

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I saw him walking, Down the road, light shone ’round him, Like an Angel’s glow. The dawn had broken, Night was gone – And Jacob, my Brother, Was limping along. This man, had taken, A blessing, you see, Blind to … Continue reading

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Hello again, Africa

This is my story. A bit re-told. Perhaps, redundant. But mostly, re-ignited. It’s been so long so I’ve written on my blog. My inbox shows thousands of deleted and sent e-mails after four years of work and development of relationships … Continue reading

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Let Down Your Anchor

Let down your anchor, Wayfaring soul, Rest your Trust, and be Still; For with the Winds, We give way, To currents of our own will. On great waters, Or close to shore, Our souls grow weathered like a sail; We … Continue reading

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A Feather of Courage for the New Year

In November, my sister, Nora, gave me this gold feather Etsy necklace for my 28th birthday.  She said it was my Courage for 2014. My Courage… The Quakers have historically used white feathers as symbols of Peace.  In Downtown Abbey, … Continue reading

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Fall’s Fresh Flavors

Fall is here…and with it, fresh flavors and spices to refresh your palate. This season, I’m supporting local vendors affiliated with Washington’s Green Grocer by receiving a bi-monthly box of seasonal fruits and veggies to my door, which has challenged me … Continue reading

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A Summer Swept By…

 Kisses Goodbye, to a Summer Swept By… For whatever reason, this past summer was one of the fastest of my life.  Remember the days when Street Lamps turning on at dusk were the only thing we watched as a measure … Continue reading

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Fully Known

I don’t know why I’m single, like I don’t know why I’m saved; Grace lives in the desert, And Grace pours down like rain. It’s not that I’m not Found, It’s that I’m fully Known; And mysteries in the dark? … Continue reading

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